Our beauty treatments include manicures, pedicures, waxing, brow & lash treatments and of course our All Natural Facials.  For the time being, we offer our Beauty Therapy treatments by appointment only.  Please book in advance!

Since everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, we only use 100% natural skin care products.  We make these from scratch using only the best ingredients, most of these certified organic.

Looking for a manicure or pedicure?  We offer our clients the choice of regular nail polish, non-toxic nail polish or durable Shellac polish.  If in doubt, please ask and we'll be happy to explain the differences.

Need advice about beauty from the inside?  May be you are lacking certain nutrients or your diet is not balanced. How well you digest your food and whether your liver, kidneys and intestines are working efficiently can also play a part in your skin appearance, as can hormones.  Many different factors play their part, so whether you are looking for day-to-day maintenance or a more long term approach to your appearance, let us take care of your skin and nails.

Check out our range of treatments, pamper packages and price list here: