Spa Massage
Escape for a "Mini-Holiday".  Take some time for yourself, to relax & recharge.

Back, Neck & Shoulder                                Full Body
  $60 for 30min                                            $100 for 60min
$100 for 60 min                                           $140 for 90min

Bring a Friend
$180 for 60min for two people

Medi Massage
Addressing specific aches and pains, this personalised massage "untangles" and balances your body, freeing up your movement.  Our trained health consultants will look at the structure (muscles and bones) and function (posture and movement habits).

First Consultation & Treatment
$120 for 60 min
Follow Up Treatment
$70 for 30 min 

Half & Half
Health Consultation & Medi Massage
$120 for 60min