We believe that HEALTH IS THE FOUNDATION for the quality of life you want to experience.  BALANCE IS A CORNERSTONE of good health and by balance we don't mean standing on one leg (although we practice this during our movement classes too).  We mean balance in everything you do:

- Balance between activity and rest
- Balance between physical movement, mental challenges and meaningful relationships
- Balance in your musculoskeletal system (muscles and bones)
- Balance between flexibility and strength
- Balance between being there for others and looking after yourself
- Balance between the demands of the outside world and your need for internal peace and relaxation

Our treatments and classes are designed to bring back balance to your life. Whether you choose a massage or Pilates session to give you better movement ability, an All Natural Facial for some "Me-Time" or a Yoga class to stretch out and enjoy some quiet time during our meditation/guided relaxation - you can take a step towards more balance in your life.

We are also happy to listen to your needs and help you towards a more balanced lifestyle for longer term benefits to your health.  

We DON'T do:

- the latest diet or fad
- miracle cures or pills
- expensive supplements or tests
- one size fits all prescriptions

We WILL do:

- common sense advice
- individual assessment and treatment of YOUR issues
- practical solutions that you can incorporate into your day
- long term, realistic and sustainable goals

Let's have a chat about YOU and see if we can help...