Running is wonderful all around exercise for whole body health, including mental health.  It is easy (if you know how), inexpensive and can be done anywhere.

Humans are built to run. We have the ability to outrun any other animal (not in speed, but in endurance) due to our unique anatomy and our ability to regulate our body temperature (sweat).  

And yet, running injuries affect up to 80% of all runners. While there are many factors that cause injury, running technique is one of the biggest contributors. 

Learn how to run!  Run smarter, not harder. Technique is the key to increasing your efficiency, endurance and enjoyment & reducing your risk of injury. 

Learn about the fundamentals of a good running technique and receive individualised coaching.  Whether you are starting out or have been running for a while, whether you want to improve your speed or endurance or have a running injury you want to prevent in future, this is for you.  (Re-)discover the joy & ease of running:  

 $50 The Express Running Experience

Video Running Analysis & Movement Screening

1:1 Coaching Session (focusing on changing one aspect of your running style)